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Specifically Designed for Ladies Over 30 in Telford!
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What Is FitBody?

FitBody is designed for women over 30, to give them their body & confidence back WITHOUT having to give up their social life or the odd glass of vino…No, seriously I’ve included it in the plan!

The ladies that join us are usually fed up with their current situation, have put a load of weight on recently (or over the years) and haven’t exercised in months … or years!

As well most of our ladies have tried different gyms or fad diets to no avail! Nothing seemed to work, they would get results but soon fall back into their old ways!

Our group training is for normal ladies looking to work hard, have fun and most importantly – get results.

Are you ready to drop up to 10lbs in the next 4 weeks? Then click the link and we will get full details sent over:

Hi I'm Nick

I am the owner and founder of FitBody Trainer, I became a qualified personal trainer a bit later on in life after realising that a desk job wasn’t for me!, so at about 32 I re-trained, and worked for a gym for a good few years crafting my trade. Starting in 2012 I had a full client list within a few months (word of mouth spreads quickly).

By January 2016 I was ready to start up on my own & noticed that there wasn’t a service specifically designed for ladies and Mum’s over 30. (and quite often they will find it the hardest to get into shape) so I started FitBody Trainer helping ladies over 30.

We started off doing a couple of evening sessions a week and it took off! Ladies were getting amazing results and loving exercise for the first time. Now we have our very own 2000 square foot unit doing over 20 sessions every week!

Are you ready to drop up to 10lbs in the next 4 weeks? Then click the link and we will get full details sent over:

Session Times

Group Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
A 0600 0600 0600
B 0600 0600 0730
C 1800 1800 1700
D 0700 0700 0830
E 0730 0730 0730
F 0930 0930 0930
G 0930 0930 0930
H 1800 1800 1800
I 1900 1900 1900
J 1900 1900 0830
K 1900 1900 0930

Why it Works?

Getting into shape isn’t as simple as exercising a few times times a week.

Being from personal training backgrounds and having the experience of helping literally 100’s of Ladies from Telford & surrounding areas, we know the exact ingredients needed in order to get into great shape!

We pretty much provide the exact same service than we did for our personal training clients.

• Effective, flexible, individualised meal plan
• Effective varied exercise targeting the whole body and designed to tone up problem areas
• Measurements and weights taken and goals set
• Support
• Great fun friendly atmosphere
• Help with motivation (when you have off days)

Our sessions are always different! We change it up all the time and amazingly we had never repeated the exact same session in the years that we have been open! Our ladies absolutely LOVE the sessions, in fact most of the women that start with us have hated exercise all of their lives but fall it love with what we do at FitBody Trainer!

We take weight, tapes measurements right at the start of your programme and all the way through. This way you can set goals to smash and it really helps keep you motivated having something to aim for.

Myself and the awesome trainers will be providing support and checking up with how everything is going through the programme (and giving you a kick up the bum if needed :P) And I will be keeping in contact with regular emails through the programme to make sure you are getting the most out of it and providing you with some awesome tips and advice.

Fancy joining an awesome friendly community of likeminded women?

Are you ready to drop up to 10lbs in the next 4 weeks? Then click the link and we will get full details sent over:

Our Super Star Ladies...

I joined not really knowing what it was all about, always struggled with my weight (big yo yo dieter) and always hated...

Posted by Diane Williams on Saturday, 14 April 2018

I have just finished my last session (for now) with Nick and would urge anybody thinking about this to give it a go. I...

Posted by Lesley Radford on Friday, 25 August 2017

Great way to build confidence, lose weight and feel good about yourself. Sessions can be tough but Nick knows how hard...

Posted by Debbie Jones on Tuesday, 17 January 2017

I signed up for this to get fit little did I know that before I signed up I would suffer a bereavement and various other...

Posted by Louise Spragg on Saturday, 17 February 2018

I remember being absolutely terrified on my first session back in October, but loved it and have been going ever since,...

Posted by Sinead Ferguson on Tuesday, 14 March 2017

It's my second time coming back and I love it, such great people and the training is different in every session, Nick really gets the bests out of everyone

Posted by Colleen Taylor on Saturday, 25 February 2017

Definitely the best workout sessions I have ever done. Great trainer, great people & great all over body results! 100% the best decision I've ever made!!

Posted by Louise Hurcomb on Saturday, 16 December 2017

Love it here you feel at ease straight away you can work at your own level but also be pushed to the best of your ability.. great thing is you always feel like you've worked out!! would definitely recommend

Posted by Terrie Turton on Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Never thought I was the sort of person to get up at the crack of dawn to go & exercise, but I've just completed 4 weeks...

Posted by Katrina Jane Broome on Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Are you ready to drop up to 10lbs in the next 4 weeks? Then click the link and we will get full details sent over:

Fequently Asked Questions...

1. Who is this for?

Women between over the age of 30 that are NOT already in awesome shape.

This is about targeting fat loss & toning up. For women that want to get their body confidence back and rediscover their passion for life.

2. Realistically what can I expect to achieve?

Weight loss  – between 10lbs and 14lbs. (This is going to vary from person to person)

More strength.

It will LITERALLY make you happier

More energy which then leads on to more focus and productivity throughout the day.

Bags more confidence and self esteem

3. I am overweight,unfit and haven’t exercised in years is this programme suitable for me?

We accept people of all fitness levels as we level the exercises up and down depending on your fitness.

We get loads of ladies who are completely out of shape! (some haven’t exercised at all, in their adult life!)

We let everyone go at the own pace. You may notice women that are super fit and doing loads more than you. But what you need to remember is when these women started they would of been just as unfit as you!

By the end of your 4 weeks you will be shocked at how much your fitness and strength has improved! As well as how loose your clothes are fitting : )

4) I’m not looking to lose weight, I just want to tone up and get fit, is this training for me?

Yes! The truth is, fat and weight loss is almost exclusively down to nutrition. The exercise helps tone and change your body shape, but food is the key to weight loss. We have plenty of women who are just looking to tone, strengthen and look great and we just alter the caloric intake accordingly

5) I can’t get my head around macros, protein & fat – does that matter?

Nope! I’ve taken all of the confusion out of nutrition. You’ll get access to my amazingly simple nutrition system that’ll take care of everything for you, just eat, enjoy & watch the results happen.

Are you ready to drop up to 10lbs in the next 4 weeks? Then click the link and we will get full details sent over:
*Results may vary from person to person